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Care And Instructions

  • Cleaning Technique at Home

    Wipe off the dirt from the wooden furniture using a soft cotton cloth damped in a mild cleanser. Use only wood-friendly cleaning products. Do not use rough or excessive moisture cloth for cleaning.

  • Avoid Exposure To Moisture or Water

    Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and water.

  • Avoid Exposure To Sunlight For Long

    The furniture must be protected from direct sunlight and heat to retain the color or polish of the wooden product.

  • Avoid Chemicals Or Oils

    Avoid chemical and alcohol contact with the furniture as it may harm the natural finish and durability of the product.

  • Use Mats And Table Cloth

    Please make sure you use mats and table cloth before keeping any hot or cold items on the wooden surface.

  • Quick Action

    In case of a spill, do not leave the stain unattended. Take quick action on the stains immediately by wiping the surface with a soft cloth.Note : To maintain the quality of the product, make sure you do not use coarse material on the wooden surface.

  • Keep it Dry

    Take a dry cloth and wipe the surface where you had applied the cleanser. Please make sure you do not rub the spot briskly.

Please note: Do not drag the bed or other furniture to relocate it, as this might weaken the joints. Specifically, in the case of Particle Board or MDF beds. Instead, lift the wooden furniture if you want to move it.

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We are shipping FURNITURE all over India.

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